$1174 of November 2017 Passive and Affiliate Income

Now that November is over, I can finally tally up what I’ve made online over that 30 day span, and as you can see from the title…I did good. While I’m quite pleased with receiving $1174.84, as I slept. I did notice some change versus November of last year, mainly that my Amazon Affiliates income was down by over $300, when compared to 2016. That, of course, does not please me. Especially since traffic to my websites are up when compared to 2016. Doesn’t make much sense but I suppose there was simply fewer big spenders making their way through my links.


Non-Dividend Passive Income

Amazon Affiliates- $642.63

Adsense- $307.32


Viglink- $18.07

Kindle Sales- $8.28

Total Passive Income: $1174.84

Having the totals in front of me, I can only see the flaws, and the areas that I need to improve upon going forward. I still only have one Kindle book and a couple more that remain unfinished and therefore not making me any money. That needs to change. I have to get myself completely organized in order to go full throttle over the next few months and take advantage of the opportunities that I see for myself.

Adsense rates also aren’t what they used to be. Back in 2014-2015, I could make the same amount with a fraction of the traffic. I remember the big days being $80-90, just from people clicking on ads, and now that’s dropped to around $30-ish. Lame.

It gets really hard to grow the traffic for one of my websites, as one heavy hitting post will lose favor with the algorithms, and then all of the new posts will only increase things by 10-15% over what it was the previous year.┬áThis is why some passive income streams are only semi-passive because there is some work to be done, even thought it’s still way less than working an ordinary job.

Moving forward, I need to crush it. Stick to all of my projects, meet deadlines, and make sure I reach the financial metrics that I set out for each piece of the online income pie.

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