Recent Purchases: Apple and Berkshire Hathaway

I made two more purchases through Loyal3 at the end of last week. Berkshire Hathaway and Apple were both looking like they were trading at somewhat of a discount. Really, this week’s investment was just to get me above 1 share of ownership in each company to help further diversify. Of course, BRK-B doesn’t pay a dividend and Apple’s yield ain’t to high at this point in time either but both were enough of a value and suit my current needs rather well. I wouldn’t be surprised if I added more to each in the very near future.

Recent Purchases:

BRK-B: $110 for .8015 shares @$137.24

AAPL: $80 for .6347 shares @$126.04

(Adds $1.32 to yearly dividends)

Dividends Received:

VXUS: $2.19 for .0433 shares @$50.58

KO (Loyal3): $0.36

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