Apple Post-Earnings Crash and More Berkshire Hathaway

Apple announced some pretty damn good earnings yesterday and of course the market decides to drop it 7-8% after hours. Fine by me, I’ll just pick up some more at the reduced rate and be perfectly happy about it. Meanwhile, Berkshire Hathaway is still trading at a good value, so I also felt the need to pick up a smidge more than one share of that stock as well.

On another front, ExxonMobil is still trading around its 52 week low and oil seems to be heading lower. Cool. I can’t wait for XOM to be trading in the 70s and while I wait I’ll continue to drip into these lower prices. I might up my XOM DRIP purchase amount each month, since I am in complete portfolio construction mode but we shall see. Below are this past week’s purchases:

7/15 Purchase

AAPL: $50 for .3913 shares @$127.77

7/16/15 Purchase

XOM: $52 for .626135 shares @$83.04

7/22/15 Purchases

AAPL: $150 for 1.2067 shares @$124.31

BRK-B: $145 for 1.0117 shares @$143.32

Adds $5.15 to yearly dividend total

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