Diageo (DEO) Stock Purchase

Man, things have gotten crazy in the markets since the election. The pre-market trading on election night made it look as if things were going to start tanking and instead the DOW is hitting record levels. It’s interesting to see the surge in some of my holdings. Tiffany & Co has cracked $80 per share today and Union Pacific is also up a yuuuge amount, giving me (at least temporarily) close to 20% returns on both. Anyways, made another purchase in alcoholic beverage giant, Diageo, in my Roth account with a free investment credit that I had in there. Of course, that stock naturally dropped further below my purchase price in the following days, so there may be more purchases coming down the pipeline if that continues.


DEO- 2.7538 shares @ $104.94 for $289. Increases forward dividends by $8.59 based on 2016 semi-annual dividend payout.

DEO forward dividend estimate for next year: $37.48


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