Diageo + Tiffany & Co. Dividends Received

Finally! The long six month wait for my second Diageo dividend is finally over. It was actually a lower amount than I had expected, as whatever financial site I got the payout info from was incorrect. Nonetheless, I will gladly accept cash of any amount to be reinvested…especially after my rather pricey Las Vegas excursion haha. ¬†Also, I received my quarterly pittance from this little 3 share holding of Tiffany & Co. that I have. Definitely, need to acquire some new shares and make that a respectable amount and it’s on this month’s watch list. So, below you will find these two stock’s recent dividend payouts to me.

Enjoying Diageo products...

Enjoying Diageo products…

Dividends Received

Diageo- $16.81

TIF- $1.37

Total: $18.18

Forward dividends for these two holdings: $34.39

October is going to be a much lower take than my holdings did in September. Diageo certainly helped out on that front but again, I need to ramp things up in terms of my investing and passive income creation through websites and other methods. Christmas season is almost in full swing which means some large deposits will be made to my bank accounts…time to hunker down and make the holidays truly happy with some cash presents to myself.

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