Dividend Totals for September and October 2017

Since I’ve been off of this blog for pretty much the entirety of this year, it’s time to do a monthly update of the dividends I have received. Well, for September and October, as I’m almost positive that I have gotten my last one for the month courtesy of my position in Diageo. Diageo’s dividend can be frustrating since it is only semi-annual, the first payout of the year is lower, and it fluctuates with the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the GBP. However, it’s October, which means that it was the larger of the Diageo dividends…which makes me happy (plus my shares being up 35% currently).

Anyways, September proved to be a nice month, and possibly an all-time high for me. The Wells Fargo dividend will be the last, because I sold that short-term position off, didn’t want to deal with a company with seemingly constant accusations of shady business practices floating around. Fuck em.  On a positive note, RDS-A and B shares paid me a dollar a day in September, which isn’t a lot but it is my first company that is sending me over $100 a year for doing absolutely nothing.

On deck, I’ve recently re-started a bi-weekly investment into UNP to help boost that up to a full position. Plan on buying some more Nike because it is trading slightly below my cost basis and I’d love it to fall another 10% to give me an even better price. I’m honestly looking to add more money to my investments and diversify my holdings but nothing is really all that tempting. Not a lot of deals out there right now. Perhaps, I’ll add a few more shares into my ExxonMobil DSPP account, just because dividends.


September 2017

VTSMX- $14.23

XOM- $10.93

PSX- $5.84

UNP- $4.01

WFC- $5.46

V- $0.66


BP- $4.99

RDS-A- $2.15

RDS-B- $28.25

Total Dividends: $78.09


October 2017

NKE- $3.67

DEO $24.38

Total Dividends: $28.03

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