ExxonMobil DSPP Purchase and First Dividend

I really haven’t been buying much over the last month or so. However, I am still adding to my stock positions on Computershare and have several things on my watch list that I am looking towards purchasing really soon (assuming my price targets are met). Anyways, there was that little dip in the market for maybe a handful of days and ExxonMobil pulled back some from where my last automatic investment was and as such I decided just to throw in an extra $85 and hopefully catch some of that pull back. Well, I was somewhat successful in doing so. I got my share just under what I transferred for $84.92. Not exactly the lowest price of the week but that’s what happens with direct purchase plans, you can’t set a price to jump in at. Also, I finally got my first dividend for my shares of XOM. Of course, it’s a very small amount but even those small amounts count.


Purchase: $85 for 1.000973 shares @$84.92

Dividend Reinvestment: $1.76 for .020767 shares @$84.7486

Updated XOM Share total: 4.024989

disclosure: Long XOM

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