Recent PSX Purchase and June/July Dividends Received

Here’s a brief update of my recent buy and dividends received. Phillips 66 has dropped back into purchase territory for me, so I thought’d I’d grab a little more than a share. I haven’t turned on my DRIP plan with them in a while but I will probably restart it with the prices at this level…although I can just invest for free whenever I want with their plan…so quick grabs like this might be more likely. This change in PG’s DSPP is ticking me off too, as it just adds yet another account I have to sign in to check my various investments.

Recent dividends have been pretty decent, as I collected some from my oil stocks, especially RDS-B. It’s pretty cool to see how reinvestment has worked and how I’ve almost gotten 1 extra shares worth of RDS-A without adding any more capital. There isn’t too much on my watchlist right now, I do need to get some more TIF, since I never added to that small initial investment and I just missed some good prices. Other than that, I’m not seeing much except maybe initiating a stake in Wells Fargo or adding more PSX and AAPL…everything else just seems right outside the comfort zone.



PSX: $80 for 1.06284 shares at $75.27. Adding $2.68 to my yearly dividends and my new cost basis at $76.39.


Dividends Received for Late June-Early July 2016 (reinvested)

TIF: $1.36 for .0222 shares

RDS-A: $0.55 for .0112 shares

RDS-B: $15.11 for .3078 shares of RDS-A

BP: $4.56 for .1467 shares

UNP: $3.54 for .040857 shares

VXUS: $4.37 for .0995 shares

KO: $3.92 (last dividend from sold position)

Total Dividends Received: $33.41

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