More Small Litecoin Trades & Profits

I’ve still been making some crypto currency trades over the last week, but not that many to be honest. The insane price fluctuations have seemingly slowed down since the craziness of late November. All in all, I’ve still made some incredibly easy money in December off of this, just not a huge amount of it. Here are some of my more recent trades, that didn’t turn out so brilliantly…but still made me profits.



Bought $100 of LTC @ $292.91 on 12/13

Bought $100 of LTC @ $197.52 on 12/22

Sold 0.81878454 LTC for $228.20 on 12/22

Profit: +$28.20

Alright, so I got myself caught in a rather stupid position. I bought $100 worth of Litecoin at $292.91 and ended up selling that portion at a loss. However, on 12/22 I got in at $197.52, when LTC crashed for a little while. The idiotic thing about that, is I didn’t buy multiple whole coins, and continued with the $100 purchases (which used to get whole coins). I had just woken up and didn’t think about a trading strategy, just a hurry up and buy something!

Nevertheless, the quick price jump on the same day, allowed me to bail out of both positions with a small profit. Not bad, but could’ve done this so much better.

Also, I had used Coinbase to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin on 12/7 using a bank account. Little did I know, that this meant it would take over a week for me to have access to the amount of Bitcoin, which ain’t conducive to trading. Once it got to my account, I sold it, pretty much immediately. Here’s those purchases:

Bought $100 of BTC @ $16553.91 on 12/7

Sold .00598046 BTC @ $17451.83 on 12/14 for $103.37

Profit: +$3.37

Overall, it’s not much to write home about, but it’s still a positive cash flow.

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