May 2015 Stock Purchases and Updates

Doing a quick update of some of my recent purchases. I’ve signed up for Union Pacific’s (UNP) direct stock purchase plan since the price is looking really close to where I want it. I’m waiting for it to be added to my Computershare account, so that I can begin buying it, hopefully at $100 or less per share. Also, on Loyal3, I have begun to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock and will make further purchases of AAPL at these current prices. Still small bits and pieces but big changes should be underway in the next month or so to help acquire larger positions.


Loyal3 Purchases

BRK-B: $35 for .24 shares @$145.86

AAPL: $30 for .2309 shares @$129.91

Vanguard Purchase

VTSMX: $81.90 for 1.528 shares @$53.59


XOM: $52.00 for .598486 shares @$86.88

PSX: $30.00 for .377148 shares @$79.54

Dividends Received

AAPL: $0.08

PSX: $1.69

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