May and June 2016 Dividends Received

So, I’ve let this site lay fallow for almost a year and during this time lots of things have changed with my portfolio. There were plenty of additions and very recently some substantial subtractions, yet things are still chugging along with this dividend growth portfolio of mine. Sometimes, it’s hard to get excited about having these small amounts trickle in, especially when my online ‘passive income’ makes me much more without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to generate this cash flow. Anyways, here are the dividends I’ve received from last month and so far in June 2016.

Dividends Received May 2016

AXP: $0.53

AAPL: $3.56

PG: $4.63

Total: $8.72


June 2016 Dividends Received Thus Far

UL: $1.26

WMT: $2.08

HSY: $0.32

PSX: $3.80

XOM: $8.34

VTSMX: $6.36

Total: $22.16



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