Early May 2015 Dividend Investment Update

Just wanted to update the acquisitions I have made over the past week and a half or so. Added $326 into my various accounts, so the pace is pretty good right now. I received my dividend for my very small position in GE, at the end of April. ExxonMobil also just announced a 5.8% increase in their dividend, so there’s that. Put an additional order of $55 each of PSX and XOM, which should execute sometime this week hopefully. We shall see what the Phillips 66 dividend increase is going to be, probably in the double digits. Keep chugging along.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans

PSX- $90 for 1.106715 shares @ $81.32

Vanguard IRA

VTSMX- $171.74 for 3.272 shares @ $52.48

Loyal3 Stock Purchases

AAPL- $20 for .1537 shares @ $130.14

PEP- $25 for .2668 shares @ $93.70

MCD- $20 for .2067 shares @ $96.75

Total Dividends added approx: $6.68

Dividends Received

GE- $1.66 for .0619 shares @ $26.82


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