October 2016 Dividends Received and Passive Income

October is now in the books and what a seemingly odd month it was. I started it out by taking my first vacation in a long while to Las Vegas, which was great, but that month feels like it barely existed or passed by way too fast. Now any remnants of summer weather is gone for good and the frozen hellscape will be arriving soon enough. The good news is that now that October has finished, the major expenses I had to pay off are gone, which frees up some more capital. Not only that, we are entering the holiday season, which means lots of cash is heading down the pipeline to my bank accounts.

Outside of investing, I’m narrowing the focus of my life and tightening up on things, in order to reach my goals. I’ve felt like I’ve been trying to do too many things at once and hence not doing any of them very well. Now, I want to focus on work, continuing to learn accounting, and speeding up my passive income creation by working on specific projects. My discipline has been absolute shit, lately. So, I’m cutting off dating for a while, as it seems like a waste of time and it’s honestly just been annoying me. It’s too much effort and not worth it right now, IMO. Also, I need to simplify my diet and not be all over the place with it, establish some consistency.

It was a quiet month on the dividend front but pretty great for my online activities, as seen below. Only 3 companies paid out and I bought more Tiffany & Co.¬†After receiving the small payment from the few shares that I already owned. What’s cool is that Diageo has come down closer to buying range. My current cost basis is $102 and change and I would absolutely love to pick up some more and I still have a free auto investment credit in my Roth account. So, that’s looking like a distinct possibility. I’m still throwing money at Nike as it declines in price, through my Loyal3 account…please go down to $45 per share or so. These stocks are still on my radar and there appears to be others that might warrant a buy. Anyways, here’s my dividends for last month:

DEO- $16.81

TIF- $1.37

UNP- $3.56

Total Dividends Received: $21.74


Passive Income for October 2016

Clickbank- $95.98

Viglink- $8.29

Google- $159.55

Amazon Associates- $401.77

Kindle Sales- $6.18

Total Passive Income: $671.77

Total Income Generated Outside of Work: $693.51

It was a fantastic month for my online income, as I am pushing $700, and will almost certainly cross that total in November. I’ve been experimenting for the past week with email list building on one of my sites and need to completely re-do the set up as my current opt-in rate sucks. I know exactly what I need to do after reading a ton of articles on the subject, just got to put in the work. It’s imperative that I get the email list working successfully as it will boost that Clickbank revenue by a lot. There are hundreds of dollars a month I’m not realizing by not having everything optimized, which will mean thousands in the next year…plenty of dividends to be generated off of that money as well.

My Kindle book sales have been so inconsistent. I only sold 3 copies in October after solid sales in September. I just want to have it be a steady flow and this is another area where having a robust email list will be an effective way to drive further sales.

Oh well, time to absolutely crush the rest of this year, and bring in a lot more to invest with.

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