Small Purchases to Close Out October

It’s almost the end of October, somehow, and since I had so many bills to pay…this week’s been a quiet one on the investing front. Nevertheless, I still managed to get a very little bit of money into the market.  Since Nike is available through Loyal3 and I had some cash from an Apple dividend in that account, I figured that I’d grab an extra share of NKE. I mean, why not? There are no fees after all. I’m actually getting really close to crossing the 5 figure mark in portfolio value, which is a cool point to cross. Though, it’s not enough.

This week also got the usual monthly Vanguard contribution through work. It actually kind of sucks having the money go into a fund each month, when I have individual stocks I’d rather buy. Plus, it’s been one of the worst performers since the monthly contributions started two years ago…I suppose that’s what happens when the market as a whole is overvalued, even when there are individual pieces that are still attractive. I’m still looking to get a Nestle DRIP plan started here at some point.

November should be a good month for my online ventures. First, the holiday season means more traffic and more sales. Add to the fact that Amazon bumped my referral rate up to 12% for all November sales and my traffic has grown naturally. I could see close to my first four figure month as an Amazon affiliate. December will probably be well over that mark. I also have installed email opt in forms for one of my sites, complete with free offers to get people to sign up for my list. I’ll need to experiment a lot with that to get the best conversions but there is a very big potential to add hundreds more a month a least to my passive income stream, once I get things figured out completely.

Here’s this week’s additions:

VTSMX- 1.677 shares, adds $1.59 to forward dividends (based on 2015 total payouts)

NKE- 1.0571 shares @$52.03, adds $0.68 to forward dividends.

Adds $2.27 to my forward dividends.

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