November Stock Purchase: PG

So, about the same that I bought some more BP, I also put another $300 into my Procter & Gamble DRIP account. I haven’t been able to do automatic monthly investments into PG since they switched the program to Wells Fargo and instituted fees, as the fees would eat to high a percentage of $50-100 monthly purchases. This purchase costed me $1.10 in transaction fees under this plan (which is still good) while it used to cost roughly $0.02 for the same purchase (which was amazing).

Anyhow, I don’t think PG is all that attractively valued, but my cost basis was still in the high $70s and so I added to my position. This currently puts my forward dividends at $425 or so for the next 12 months, which will undoubtedly increase when my automatic UNP investments go through, VTSMX monthly contribution happens at the end of the month, and the dividend raises get announced (some should be in December).

How much I am actually going to invest otherwise this month, remains to be seen. I do have to sign up and pay for my ongoing accounting classes for the next semester…which could be somewhere between $310-600. Plus some other cash outlays to close out a credit card and whatever else that is currently slipping my mind. I might make some small investments here or there, maybe pick up a few more shares of Disney, through Folio First. But I’m kind of sitting back and just checking the prices in the market for any deals.


Purchase PG: 3.439 shares for $300. Increases forward dividends by $9.49.

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