Recent Buy: More Shares of Nike

It’s getting more and more difficult to find anything worth buying in the market after the last month of everything moving upward.  I’m looking around and the only things that seem to interest me, aren’t spectacularly undervalued, but seem to be somewhere within the low end of their fair range or within 10-15%. The screaming bargains have dried up but there are still target stocks that I want to acquire more of, one of them being Nike. I initiated a 10 share position two months ago and have now doubled that amount between this purchase and picking up a few shares on Loyal3. It is still a low dividend yielder, even if it recently raised its dividend by over 10%, but I like a still fast growing company at a price that is absolutely fair for the long haul.

I am still looking at other potential investments before the new year. However, the list is pretty short and nothing is really jumping out at me. Nestle, which I recently purchased, is back above $70 per ADR share and is still a main investment possibility since I need to get a full position as of yet. This was going to be the purchase in lieu of more Nike, but as my money was in a Roth account, I couldn’t pull the trigger on Nestle which needs to be in a plain brokerage account for tax purposes.

Other companies I am looking at right now are, BUD, Unilever, Diageo, and was considering more Royal Dutch Shell…even if it’s well above my current cost basis. I’m not sure I need to start an investment in BUD since I already have Diageo but it’s looking pretty nice at the moment. Unilever is a steady kind of long term play and would really like to get it closer to $35 than just over $40, so I may wait on that.

Nike Purchase

Buy: 8.0187 shares of NKE @ $53.01. Increases forward dividends by $5.77.


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