Recent Stock Purchase: BP

I had no intentions of adding to my energy portfolio, over the next few weeks, or even months really. If I had any thoughts, it was going to probably be to add to my XOM Drip account or initiate a position in Total SA. However, I realized that I had such a small position in BP of 8 shares and change, and my cost basis on those was around $31. So, I figured I could bulk up the position somewhat, even if the current share price doesn’t seem like a screaming bargain to me.


Other than that, I did also send another $300 into my PG Drip for more shares, but that transaction hasn’t taken place as of yet. I wanted to wait for the price to drop some more but a $300 investment isn’t going to be that big of a deal with a 10% change in stock price, so,  I just sent the money.

I have no plan to invest any more money over the next few weeks, outside of the two UNP automatic purchases, to help round out my position in that company. Maybe, I’ll keep adding to Disney, but that’s about it for me as of now. I’ve got bills to pay off and other areas that require my focus. Plus, not a whole lot in this market to get excited about at a discount.

Recent Purchase

7 shares of BP for $289.94 

Increases forward dividends: $16.80

BP still has a great dividend yield at this price and with the PG purchase, my forward dividends should be right around $425 in the next year. Actually, should be much more than that with increases, and considering the fact I’m still using VTSMX’s 2016 total as an estimate. It’s hard to predict an index fund payout.

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