Royal Dutch Shell (Temporarily) Becomes the Largest Holding in the Dividend Portfolio

I’ve made another investment into Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS-B) today, which makes the oil and gas giant the largest current holding in my portfolio. This will be the first of a new series of investments that are larger than what I was previously capable of and adds another part to my oil supermajors stocks. I like the idea of holding different energy companies in this sector for a bit more diversification and the ability to get a higher yield from a company like Shell or BP over just simply adding more shares of Exxon (which I will do). I may also add Chevron and Total SA at the right price to complete the supermajor basket of stocks, which I plan on holding for decades.

Here is the breakdown of today’s purchase:

$400 for 6.7278 shares @ $58.868 ($3.95 commission makes it $396.05 invested). This adds $25.30 to my yearly dividends. The dividend yield for these shares s 6.387%, which is fantastic in my book.

This now puts me at 10.0751 shares of RDS-B stock and while I didn’t like paying that $3.95, I had previously invested $210 in Shell for free so, it’s not too big of a deal. Plus, my shares this time around were cheaper than the $62.50 price I had gotten back in March…overall, pretty happy with this transaction.


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