September 2016 Portfolio Dividends Received

Another month has gone by and is now in the books. Dividend wise, it was pretty good considering that I really haven’t been investing much at all in the previous 6 months or so. September was mostly about my oil and gas investments bringing in the dividend income. All of these dividends were reinvested, so, forward dividends are projecting to be slightly higher going into the final dividend payments of the year in December. The total is still not a lot but if I were to have taken this month’s dividends in cash, I could at least cover my phone bill and have $19-20 left over (pre-tax). Not bad…but we’re still growing.


Dividend Income Sept 2016 vs Sept 2015

XOM- $8.41 vs. $3.85

PSX- $4.49 vs. $2.51

VTSMX- $8.89 vs. $3.20

BP- $4.65  vs. $4.32 

RDS-A- $0.85 vs. 0

RDS-B- $18.79 vs $9.47

UNP- $3.56 vs $1.46

VXUS- $2.26 vs 0

Total Dividends Received in September 2016: $51.90 (+109.2% YOY)

September 2015 total: $24.81


Not only were there dividend increases from almost all of these holdings (save: BP, RDS-B) but I also added to the positions towards the end of 2015 and into early 2016. RDS-A has come about from my reinvestment of the B shares dividend which has garnered me an extra 1.2229 shares after this most recent payout. The thing is, I really haven’t been doing much investing through a lot of this year, and had I been these numbers would be much higher. As of now, I’m not really thrilled with the current price points of any of these stocks…I might turn the PSX and XOM monthly automatic investments once again BUT it’d only be a small amount.

Added to that, I had the usual monthly purchase of VTSMX and got 1.714 more shares. This plus the reinvested dividends brings my forward dividend estimate for this fund up to $35.47 based on 2015’s total payouts. So, it is of course slightly more than that. to account for this year’s increases and whatever’s to come in 2017.

Moving forward, I need to get back onto this dividend grind and hopefully get a hold of some decently valued positions like my recent Nike initiation.

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