Greece, Union Pacific, Coke Dividends, and Moar!

Sooooo….the market got spooked a bit this week with the seemingly never-ending Greece financial crisis reaching new levels of absurdity. From where I’m sitting, this allowed prices of companies I want to purchase to pull back even further, but of course much of it was temporary and as such not much was added to the portfolio.  I did throw another $100 into my Union Pacific direct stock purchase plan that was launched a few weeks ago, since the price has dropped into the nineties. How much further will it fall? I don’t know. My small position has a cost basis around $97 a share right now, so I’m not worried about a further decline and will definitely be buying more if it falls into the 80s (yes!).

Today, I also upped my PSX monthly contribution to $55 from $30, which it has been since February. Phillips 66 has a fantastic direct stock purchase plan and is still trading at a pretty good price. Add to the fact that, the dividend raises have been great since the spun-off from COP, makes me want to own more of this company. So, it’ll be $55 a month into PSX now and I’ll buy more during any price dips the stock experiences.

I have two small purchases on deck, which should occur today through Loyal3. I’ve thrown $80 more into AAPL and $100 into BRK-B, both of which declined 5-7% below my initial fractional position. This should get me just above 1 share of each stock….and hopefully I’ll continue to have the chance to acquire more. Waiting for a decline in Pepsi to happen, as that small lot is looking lonely.

Coca-Cola paid out a dividend to my Sharebuilder account (wait, it’s called Capital One Investing now), which puts me above 12 shares owned. The price has dipped into the $39 range, which isn’t bad but I am clamoring for it to get down to $36, so that I can double my position.

Stocks I’m watching for the next week: KO, XOM, AAPL, BRK-B, NSRGY, BP, UNP

As always, these aren’t stock recommendations. Make your own decisions and invest at your own risk, etc, etc.


PSX: $30 for .38082 shares @$78.773

UNP: $100 for 1.038637 shares @$96.28

Adds $3.13 to yearly dividends

IRA Contribution- VTSMX: $108.94 for 2.054 shares @$53.04


Dividends Received Recently

PEP: $0.41

KO: $3.58

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