Visa and Disney Buys Plus Recent Dividends

We are into December, which is my favorite financial time of the year, as not only do I get to collect a lot of dividends this month but also a ton of affiliate and ad commissions from holiday shoppers. With the gift giving in full swing, I decided that I should get myself some nice things, in the form of stock purchases. Adding to my positions in Visa, Disney, and Union Pacific. All the details are below.


Today’s Purchases

3.88645 shares of Visa for $425.80

Adds $3.03 to forward dividends.

I’m getting closer to 10 shares of Visa stock. Currently sitting at 8.9 shares. I could have just forgone the Disney purchase and went with more Visa but that would have only gotten me to about 9.91. Plus, I wanted to increase the DIS holding some more.

1.04383 shares of Disney for $110.98

Adds $1.75 to forward dividends.

I bought just a tad over 2 shares of DIS last month, as my first purchase, and then set about paying off a bunch of bills in lieu of buying more. I actually received my small Visa dividend after I had already placed my order for the (above) shares, so that $0.98 went towards the Disney stake. This is a stock that I’m probably going to be focusing on more in the coming weeks, as I feel like it’s trading at a good price still, and I definitely need more than 3 shares. Another low-yielder but good for diversification and growth.


Other Recent Purchase

0.85749 shares of Union Pacific for $100

Adds $2.28 to forward dividends.

This was actually two automatic investments, that I just combined into one. This is another one that I’m creeping up to 10 shares on, but the price keeps on going up, and buying less with each auto investment. Oh well, UNP’s DRIP is completely free to purchase through as of now,  and my small position is up 40% also.


Total Increase in dividends from purchases: $7.06

Current Total Forward Dividends: $428.15

That $428.15 is looking pretty good considering it doesn’t even include all of the raises that are sure to be coming over the next quarter-plus. Wouldn’t be surprised to see $500 hit, relatively soon.

Recent Dividends Received

PG- $8.78

V- $0.98

Both dividends were taken as cash and as mentioned above, the Visa dividend ended up as a part of the Disney buy. The PG dividend has yet to include the last batch of shares that I purchased after the ex-dividend date, so the next one should be $11.15, and then hopefully a decent dividend raise happens this year.

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