XOM Direct Stock Purchase for April 2015

Here is my monthly purchase of ExxonMobil through their direct stock purchase plan for April 2015:

XOM: $52.00 for .593423 shares @ $87.6272

This adds $1.64 to my yearly dividend income, which of course is all getting reinvested. This brings my total number of shares to 1.789054, three months into the plan. It’s not a lot but it’ll add up, especially since I’ve got more cash coming into the bank on the horizon.

I do have other upcoming purchases in the next week or so, such as, my monthly PSX investment. I’ve decided to make a second purchase of Phillips 66 this month for a total of investment of $90. This should almost double my small stake in this company, which I expect to raise the dividend soon.

I also have transferred $20 to Loyal3 to invest in McDonald’s (MCD). It pulled back a little bit, so I put in $20 dollars like I did a week or so ago, to bring it up to $40 invested. If it pulls back further (like I expect) over the next few months, I’ll probably buy a much larger position. Until then, small pieces.

Also on deck, my monthly IRA contribution from my job into my Vanguard fund (VTSMX). Plus, I need to use my free investment credit next Tuesday into my Sharebuilder Roth IRA but I have yet to decide which stock it is going to be.


On another front, I have finally finished my first ebook (the writing of it anyways), and have begun a second one which will be much shorter. So, in the next month or so I should be starting my launch and marketing of the first ebook and hopefully start seeing an increase in my passive income…oh, my Adsense deposit should be here tomorrow as well. Big things poppin.


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